About Graphic Art Quest, and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Who Created This?

Hi, I’m M. Scott Lassiter, the creator of this website. I’m an engineer by training with a passion for 3D art, computers, programming, storytelling, history, and adventures.

As a veteran of the United States submarine force, I don’t exactly have what you would call a typical artist’s background. That’s what makes this endeavor unique.

Why Quests?

In my numerous… adventures… with the Navy, I have been to many places around the world and all over the continental United States. I have a love for history, engineering, nature, storytelling, etc. My interests are legion. So I want to share my experiences with you.

Within the Quests section, I take you to discover new places, explore and recreate historical feats and events, and inspire you to create your own adventures.

What Does the Motto Mean?

Create adventure, discover art.

I’ve met many people who think it’s the other way around. You create art. You discover places and things. But I look at it through a different lens.

You have to go create your own adventures and experiences. Once you do that, discovering the wonder, beauty, and art that’s out there takes care of itself.

Can I Also Learn Graphic Art and Animation?

Yes, that’s a big part of what Graphic Art Quest is all about!

As I said, if I can learn how to tell stories, create art, and bring animation to life, then you can too. To quote one transformed former gatekeeping food critic,

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”

Anton Ego meets Remy the rat, the unexpected chef of a restaurant. His final speech sums up this site's purpose and what it is all about.
~ Anton Ego, Ratatouille (2007)

If you want to learn how I did some of the projects you see here, check out the Learning pages. There, I teach many of the skills I have learned and continue to improve on using Blender and other free and open-source art tools.

How Can I Support Graphic Art Quest?

Buy Artwork and Merchandise

Check out the Store to purchase prints of some of the artwork as well as other items. (Coming soon!)

Become a Subscriber

First, subscribe to the Graphic Art Quest YouTube Channel. That costs you nothing and helps me out immensely.

If you love what I’m providing you and want to go a step further, become a patron and subscribe to the website.

Within the Logbook lie tales of creation and exploration, both in art and in the physical world. These are the behind-the-scenes views into where I’m going, what I’m doing, and deep diving into how I’m making the art.

These entries are for subscribers only, but you can unlock individual logbook entries if you aren’t ready to commit long-term.

Use the Asset Warehouse

I’m also a big believer in the open-source movement, which is why I host production-related code on the Graphic Art Quest GitHub page.

Additionally, I am setting up an Asset Warehouse where you can purchase and reuse many of the assets I create within my scenes. While many of the tutorials, articles, and videos I produce cover how to make a lot of these, sometimes you either don’t have (or don’t want to spend) the time making them yourself. This is exactly why film producers use prop warehouses.

Be a Decent Person

The world isn’t always a great place to live in, and we all live with a lot of demons we wrestle with every day.

One of my missions here is to help people overcome that. I first started doing art as a creative outlet for my own stress. I’m a big believer in positive affirmation, helping others, and providing inspiration.

That said, I’ve also spent a significant chunk of my life underwater and can’t claim I don’t enjoy a dark and bitter streak of humor from time to time. You’ll find both positive and tongue-in-cheek products here because sometimes laughter at your own misery is the best medicine.

Whatever you do, whether you have the means or desire to support this venture financially or not, just go create some adventures and make this world just a little bit better place for everyone.

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